Why Your Equipment May Need A Time Delay Fuse

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Do you need a new fuse for one of your pieces of equipment? Before you run out and buy any old fuse, make sure you know whether or not you need a time-delay fuse. Also known as a “slow blow” fuse, these unique fuses provide an additional layer of protection and safety over a standard fuse. In fact, many pieces that run on time-delay fuses won’t even start with a regular fuse. Make sure you know the difference before you replace a fuse in your machinery. What is a time-delay fuse? A time-delay fuse allows a temporary surge in...

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Which Type Of Gasket Is Right For You?

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Are you designing a new production system for your facility? Does it involve liquid, gasses, or compressed air? You’ll likely need gaskets to make sure those elements don’t escape at various connection points in the system. Gaskets come in a wide variety of sizes, types, and materials. It may be tempting to pick any gasket. However, that can have serious consequences. A blown or damaged gasket can cause gas or liquid to leak from your machines. That could damage your equipment or possibly injure your employees. Take the time to...

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How To Choose The Best Vacuum For You

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Removing dirt and debris from your carpet can be a tough job, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right equipment, this task can actually go very quickly and prove to be quite fun. All it takes is the best vacuum for the environment you are cleaning. When choosing the best vacuum, you will have to decide whether you are interested in either an upright or cylinder machine. Upright machines are the traditional vacuum cleaners on TV commercials where you see an individual easily moving their hips to music as they maneuver the machine and...

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Making Fireworks: An Explosive Homeschool Science Project

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Looking for a homeschool project that will captivate your kids’ interest while teaching them some new chemistry facts? Then you have to try making fireworks. Understanding Fireworks First, review with your student how fireworks work: Bang – The bang of a firework is caused when gunpowder is hit with fire, making an explosion. The key ingredient in the noisy gunpowder is potassium nitrate. Color - Colors are made by different chemicals. Sodium nitrate makes yellow, copper chloride compounds make blue, and strontium and lithium...

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Why You Should Consider HID Headlights In Your Car

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Do you think your car’s headlight is just a headlight? After all, its only purpose is to illuminate the road, right? As long as it does that, it’s working fine. Not so fast. Your headlights are perhaps the most important safety feature on your car. At night, they illuminate the road for you and alert other drivers to your presence. They’re also big consumers of your car’s energy and can be a drain on your battery if they’re not working efficiently. Many drivers are turning to HID headlights for their vehicles...

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Manufacturing Jobs: CNC Machining Career Opportunities

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When manufacturers need tools, parts, and scale models created to exact specifications, they rely on the expertise of machinists that operate CNC (computer numerical control) machining centers. Professionals that operate these machines work with metal, plastic and rubber materials to fulfill orders for clients that range from large corporations to entrepreneurs in need of prototypes for inventions. If you enjoy working with tools, have an affinity for computers and passionate curiosity about how mechanical devices work, a career in CNC...

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Choosing Your Driveway Gate And Operator

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Having a driveway gate is a great way to improve the security of your home. Even the mere presence of the gate goes a long way in assuring your security. But, there are other decisions to make regarding the practical usage of the gate. The following information will help you weigh your options when it comes to picking a gate for your driveway. Gate Material: Aluminum VS. Steel Though their qualities make them fairly evenly matched, the distinctions between aluminum and steel gates could make one or the other a better fit for your home. Steel...

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Three Ways To Reduce CO2 Emissions

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Carbon dioxide (CO2) accounts for 82 percent of all the greenhouse gases produced by humans in the United States during 2012, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Reducing CO2 emissions is desirable because greenhouse gases contribute towards a number of detrimental environmental effects such as global warming. Homeowners can significantly reduce their CO2 emissions by making three changes in their lifestyle. Drive Less Alternative modes of transportation are one of the most effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions. Bicycling,...

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3 Ways A Graphics Sign Company Can Help You Advertise Your New Business

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If you’re starting a new business, you want to make sure that others know about your opening, so that you can start to make money right away. In order to advertise your brand well, you will need to invest in quality marketing pieces. It’s recommended that you work with a vinyl graphics company so that you can get maximum exposure. Take a look at the following information to learn how a graphics sign company can help you advertise your new business: Create a Company Sign If you have a storefront, you want to make sure that...

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How Onsite Welding Keeps Your Animals Fed

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Moving to a farm has it joys and its problems. Just when you seem to have everything under control, something goes wrong. You will have to learn how to operate and maintain all kinds of equipment you may not have used before. It is a good idea find a company like http://www.suburbanweldingandsteel.com that does onsite welding to keep the feed accessible and to your livestock. Hauling Equipment Large bales of hay are moved around on the farm in big trucks. The bales are put onto the trucks with an inclined conveyor. Once to the barn, they...

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